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Alocasia sanderiana with dramatic and enduring kris-like leaves

Alocasia sanderiana (Kris/Keris Plant, Sander’s Alocasia)

This beauty has been with us since March 2013 and continues to cheer and delight us till this day. Long live Alocasia sanderiana… may you be happy and healthy always!

A very hardy tropical perennial with lovely variegated leaves that are shaped like a kris or keris.

Commonly known as Kris Plant because its leaves resemble the wavy blade of a kris or kalis dagger, a double-edged Filipino sword.

Alocasia sanderiana are easy-growing plants that flourish beautifully with least care.

Great plants for beginners in gardening or a school project.

These unique and eye-catching plants are popularly grown for their ornamental and enduring foliage.

The V-shaped and glossy deep-green leaves are very large and brilliantly marked with prominent white veins that really stands out in wonderful contrast.

Simply outstanding in a garden landscape, to say the least

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Last edit: June 16, 2016