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Aglaonema cv. Legacy: a gorgeous Thai Hybrid

Aglaonema cv. Legacy (Thai Aglaonema, Thai Chinese Evergreen)

We realised recently that this fabulous Thai Aglaonema had been omitted in our plant database… need to include asap. Googling, I noticed that many cultivar names have been assigned to this beautiful plant, including Aglaonema ‘Miss Thailand’ and Legacy’?

Well, for now we’ve decided to name this very eye-catchy plant, Aglaonema cv. Legacy.

Isn’t she gorgeous?

We got this beauty for a steal in June 2011… costs only RM20 for four plants in the 6-inch pot! Had they been separately potted, each would had been sold at RM10 per plant or more.

We’re definitely suckers for colourful and variegated foliage plants.

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Last edit: June 15, 2016