White Phalaenopsis Orchid cv. aphrodite is super pure in colour!

White Phalaenopsis Orchid cv. aphrodite (Moth Orchid)

Gifted White Phalaenopsis Orchid from some parishioners of SFA Church in Cheras, 13 April 2015 The pureness of White Phalaenopsis Orchid cv. aphrodite (Moth Orchid), shot on 30th Jan. 2015We first received this large and gorgeous orchid as an Easter Gift on April 13, 2015 from some dear parishioners from the Church of St. Francis of Assisi in Cheras.

How very thoughtful and caring they were, knowing that I was unwell and needed cheering up.
It bloomed again just less than two months later with our tender loving care. We were wonderfully surprised and delighted!

The Orchid Island of Taiwan is named after the genus.

Thai Basil, the king of herbs is edible with many culinary uses

Thai Basil (Anise/Licorice/Cinnamon Basil)

Best to grow one’s own herbs because we’ll ensure that they are pesticide-free for our good health.

We have been planting Thai Basil or Anise Basil for several years in a pot at our  backyard where most of our herbs such as the Mentha spicata, Pandanus amaryllifolius and Murrays koenigii or Curry Leaf are located.

Potted Ocimum basilicum (Thai Basil, Anise Basil, Licorice/Cinnamon Basil) thriving beautifully at our backyard, 25 Aug. 2011It can be easily planted… in 2011, we bought a bunch of fresh and healthy-looking Thai Basil from the grocery store. Then fill our pot with garden soil and thrust them about 2 cm deep into the soil and water them regularly for success. They flourished beautifully.

We just love them as they are distinctly flavourful when added to spaghetti or omelette. Definitely, we can’t do without them!

Emilia sonchifolia is an interesting garden weed!

Emilia sonchifolia (Cupid’s Shaving Brush, Lilac Tasselflower)

Budding Emilia sonchifoliaWe’re just blessed to have Cupid’s Shaving Brush growing in our garden.

A free-of-charge gorgeous plant to enjoy and delight, isn’t that wonderful?

Emilia sonchifolia or Cupid’s Shaving Brush is one among the Ten Sacred Flowers of Kerala State in India, collectively known as Dasapushpam.

Our garden updates from April to June 2016

“Gardening is medicine that does not need PRESCRIPTION
and has no limit on DOSAGE.”
– Author Unknown

Our garden never fails to delight and uplift our spirit! It is our daily dose of joy and put a smile on our faces and encourages us to continue our gardening passion.

Sharing some of our images, hoping to delight you as it does us. They say that a picture speaks a thousand words… we really hope so!

An overview of our frontyard

Canna cultivars in showy and diverse colours

Canna (Canna Lily)

Budding bloom of Canna Freckle Face, 10 Oct. 2006A Canna cultivar that had us smitten when we visited a garden nursery in our neighbourhood.

That was seen almost ten years ago.

We grabbed a pot that was showing a budding Canna.

Canna Freckle Face. 6 Nov. 2006Did not know how its whole blossom would be like, though anticipating that it would be strikingly beautiful.

We just realised that an article about the Canna with its showy and diverse colours must be done pronto, lest we overlook them again.