Euphorbia tithymaloides ‘Variegatus’ is both gorgeous and toxic!

Euphorbia tithymaloides ‘Variegatus’ (Variegated Devil’s Backbone, Jacob’s Ladder, Zig-zag Plant)

A stunning plant with fabulous variegated foliage Pink flowers of Euphorbia tithymaloides (Devil's Backbone, Jacob's Ladder, Zig-zag Plant, Redbird Flower, Slipper Spurge/Plant, Japanese Poinsettia), June 21 2013and attractive pink or red flowers. Its zig-zag stems are an added attraction too.

It is popularly grown for its unique, interesting and curious form.

However,  if you’re one of those people like me who’ll experience skin rashes when in contact with its toxic milky sap, it’s advisable to avoid it at all cost.

On the other hand, if you’re still  desirous for it, just remember to wear gloves when handling it.

Green-leaved Euphorbia tithymaloides, Croton and Caesalpinia pulcherrima in our garden, Oct 28 2005Euphorbia tithymaloides with green leaves as shown in the left image, had graced our tropical garden slightly more than a decade ago.

Unfortunately, it had to be removed pronto when it showed its beastly self, causing skin rashes on my palms and hands when I had to prune off some of its straggly stems. Well, I could have worn gloves when handling it but I tend to forget oftentimes and it can be rather cumbersome too.

Therefore, it is a definite no-no for us no matter how beautiful or captivating it is.

We just have to be contented, gazing adoringly at them in other peoples’ garden!

Tillandsia ionantha: an exotic airplant with captivating flowers

Tillandsia ionantha (Tilly, Air Plant, Blushing Bride)

We have been captivated by these fabulous Airplants when we first saw them hung at nursery gardens along Jalan Sungai Buloh several years ago. However, these nurseries, being too far away, about 40 km away from our home, somehow deterred us from acquiring any.

Newly purchased cluster of Tillandsia ionantha (Tilly, Air Plant, Blushing Bride), June 29 2015Fast forward to last year, sometime in June, we chanced upon a bunch of Tillandsia at a nursery in the vicinity of our neighbourhood. It rekindled our love and desire to possess it.

Even though it costs RM35, quite pricey for that smaller than fist-sized cluster, we joyfully brought it home to add to our garden collection.

Moreover, the nursery helper informed us that it needed no garden space or soil at all. That’s great info as our small garden has space constraint!

Our Tillandsia ionantha (Tilly, Air Plant, Blushing Bride) started blooming, Dec 13 2015 Tillandsia ionantha (Tilly, Air Plant, Blushing Bride) started blooming beautifully for the first time, Dec 15 2015Aptly known as Air Plant, it’ll be happy and does just fine if provided something to hang or sit on.

Amazingly, with our tender-loving-care, our exotic plant started to show signs of blooming six months later as seen in the images on the left.

We did not expect flowering so soon. What a happy and delightful surprise!

2015 Christmas and 2016 New Year Greetings

The angel said, “Don’t be afraid, Mary; God has been gracious to you. You will become pregnant and give birth to a son, and you will name him Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High God… His kingdom will never end.”
(Luke 1:30-33)


A Very Merry, Joyous And Blessed Christmas,
And A Happy, Successful And Healthy New Year 2016!
Happy Holidays With Family And Friends.
May Your Hearts Be Filled With God’s Everlasting Joy;
Your Gathering And Fellowship With Laughter;
Your Home Be Warmed With His Constant Love,
And His Perfect Peace, Faithfulness And Hope Prevail Forever.

Wishing all a joyful and blessed Christmas and a great and healthy New Year 2016

We take this opportunity to extend our grateful thanks
to all visitors and friends to our garden website. Your visits
and generous comments through the years are very much appreciated!
God Bless You All Always.

Our tropical garden from October to December 2015

Our tropical garden paradise is forever alive with various flora and fauna to enchant us!

We’re truly blessed as we stand transfixed in awe at God’s marvellous creations, mesmerised by all the sheer beauty that we see everyday. Thank you, Heavenly Father!

Our small garden comprises of three sections… 1) the front yard, including the car porch; 2) the courtyard; 3) the backyard. We hope you’ll enjoy the photos presented below for your viewing pleasure.

Our front yard
Collage of flowering plants at our frontyard, Dec 13 2015
Gorgeous flowering plants at our front yard


Mussaenda Dona Luz with splendid salmon-pink bracts

Mussaenda philippica ‘Dona Luz’ (Dona Luz Pink Mussaenda, Tropical Dogwood Dona Luz)

Beautiful salmon-pink bracts of Mussaenda philippica 'Dona Luz', Feb 8 2014We have never planted ‘Dona Luz’, an attractive landscape plant with eye-catchy salmon-pink bracts. Fortunately, we do get to admire these lovely shrubs that are often found along roadsides or countryside and parks.

Being year-round bloomers in our tropical country, we’re never deprived of photographing these beautiful shrubs/trees.

Eye-catchy salmon-pink bracts of Mussaenda philippica 'Dona Luz', Feb 8 2014Hence, we’ve captured many shots of them to enable us to enjoy their loveliness in our photo archives.

Nevertheless, its cousin, Mussaenda phillipica ‘Aurorae’ had graced our small garden and we’ve been able to marvel at their hardiness and beauty for many years then.