Caladium ‘White Christmas’ will brighten your garden’s shady areas

Caladium ‘White Christmas’ (Angel-wing White Christmas, Fancy Leaf White Caladium, White Christmas Caladium)

We were captivated with this enchanting caladium that has silvery white leaves and beautiful leaf venation.

Caladium 'White Christmas' (Angel-wing White Christmas, Fancy Leaf White Caladium) in the shady spot at our front yard, July 31 2015It is brilliantly marked with dark green veins on the leaf blades and speckled in green along the margins as well.

We brought a pot of Caladium ‘White Christmas’ home in late 2014 to brighten the darker areas at our front yard garden. And, delighted to say that it is still thriving marvellously till this very day.

Though we’re in tropical Malaysia with everlasting summers, this gorgeous beauty does remind us of the Christmas day snow in temperate regions.

Cassia fistula with golden showers of brilliant pendulous flowers

Cassia fistula (Golden Shower Tree/Cassia, Purging Cassia)

Cassia fistula (Golden Shower Tree/Cassia, Purging Cassia/Fistula, Indian Laburnum) by the roadside, Feb 7 2014These ever-flowering large trees are popularly grown along the median strip of highways and roads or by the roadsides, countrysides and even at public parks.

A stunning landscape plant when the Golden Shower Tree is in full bloom.

It is an extremely glorious and magnificent tree, to say the least.

Too bad we can’t accommodate this beauty in our small front yard.

Eye-catchy Cassia fistula (Golden Shower Tree/Cassia, Purging Cassia/Fistula, Indian Laburnum), seen in Malacca, Dec 6 2009Fortunately, these splendid trees are planted aplenty in Malaysia, our beloved tropical country.

Unless your residence has a very large yard, you just have to be contented admiring them from afar. That’s what we do whenever we travel around.

Not surprising that Cassia fistula is Thailand’s national tree and flower, as well as Kerala’s state flower in India.

Alocasia sanderiana with dramatic and enduring kris-like leaves

Alocasia sanderiana (Kris/Keris Plant, Sander’s Alocasia)

Our potted Alocasia sanderiana (Kris Plant, Sander's Alocasia), Oct 18 2013This beauty has been with us since March 2013 and continues to cheer and delight us till this day. Long live Alocasia sanderiana… may you be happy and healthy always!

A very hardy tropical perennial with lovely variegated leaves that are shaped like a kris or keris.

Commonly known as Kris Plant because its leaves resemble the wavy blade of a kris or kalis dagger, a double-edged Filipino sword.

Alocasia sanderiana are easy-growing plants that flourish beautifully with least care.

A new leaf of Alocasia sanderiana (Kris Plant, Sander's Alocasia, African Mask) had just unfurled in our garden, April 8 2016Great plants for beginners in gardening or a school project.

These unique and eye-catching plants are popularly grown for their ornamental and enduring foliage.

The V-shaped and glossy deep-green leaves are very large and brilliantly marked with prominent white veins that really stands out in wonderful contrast.

Simply outstanding in a garden landscape, to say the least

Aechmea gamosepala ‘Lucky Stripe’ with matchstick-like blue flower tips

Aechmea gamosepala ‘Lucky Stripe’ (Variegated Matchstick Plant/Bromeliad)

Recently purchased Aechmea gamosepala (Variegated Matchstick Plant/Bromeliad) March 3 2016Recently, we spent a short vacation with a gang of 7 retirees at Cameron Highlands. As usual, one of our favourite visits was to Cactus Point where we could feast our eyes on the numerous plants on display.

My beloved John was cautious about buying plants from Cameron Highlands as most will succumb to their demise in the lowlands of Kuala Lumpur where we reside.

However, this particular beauty with variegated foliage really caught my attention. I fell in love with Aechmea gamosepala ‘Lucky Stripe’ Aechmea gamosepala (Variegated Matchstick Plant/Bromaliad) with a new flower spike that had emerged, March 10 2016the instant I laid my eyes on it. This was the first time we chance upon it.

Moreover, the price was just perfect, only RM8.50 and relatively cheap for this gorgeous looking bromeliad with flowering spike that’s as captivating.

We have no regrets whatsoever in buying and adding a pot of them to our garden collection.

In just 10 days, another flowering spike emerged on one of the matured plants, beautifully resembling the top tip of an asparagus stalk.

Aechmea gamosepala 'Lucky Stripe' (Variegated Matchstick Plant/Bromeliad, Variegated Gamos Bromeliad), showing its sequential flowering, March 14-19 2016Wow… what a wonderful surprise, something so utterly unexpected and much welcomed. That wasn’t the end of delightful surprises.

As the flowering stalk unfurled, we got to see why this bromeliad is commonly named Variegated Matchstick Plant. It had matchstick-like flowers of light pink that were tipped with iridescent blue. Absolutely stunning!

Admiring our garden from January to March 2016

Our tropical garden is marvellously exciting to look at… at least to us anyway! (“wink”)

It never fails to cheer us as we walk around leisurely in the mornings, afternoons or evenings, mesmerised by the sheer beauty that abound and at the same time being always grateful and thankful to God for His awesome creations and fascinating designs.

Sharing below are some photos of our colourful flowering plants, starting with

The Fiery Reds…

The fiery reds (Periwinkle 'Pacifica XP Really Red', Dwarf Red Ixora, Azalea simsii and Red Button Ginger) at our front yard, Feb 14 2016